Trade Him

You have to feel really bad for what has happened in Green Bay. The Packers should just go ahead and trade Aaron Rodgers now, the fans are never going to accept him and his life here is going to be miserable. The only one to blame for this is not TT, but Brett Favre. If he would have been a man instead of a wishy-washy boy this whole affair could have been avoided.

I feel horrible for the treatment of Rodgers by the supposed fans of Green Bay.

So lets bring Farve back let him have his year and he better hope he wins the Super Bowl because that is the only thing that will justify what he has done to this city, this team and a young mans career.

Then next year when Farve again goes wishy-washy Green Bay can just sit back until he decides what he wants to do again.

But do the right thing TT, trade Aaron, give the kid a chance to play the game he loves and play for fans who cheer for teams not for aging QB because they once won a Super Bowl 12 years ago.


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