Brett Favre

While the majority of the post here are political, being a Green Bay Packer fan I just cannt ignore the current drama between the team and Brett.

WOW! What a firestorm we have here in the Frozen Tundra! The message boards are burning, sports call in shows are jammed. We have people ready to run GM Thompson out of town on a very short rail.

If you are a sports fan, even if you are not you must know that Brett Favre has said he wants to come back to the NFL. The problem is the team has already planned the season with the players they have and really are not interested. This is what is upsetting so many fans, how could they not want him back?

The answer is simple, he has jerked the team around this off season so much they are tired of the games. In March they were ready to take him back, had a private jet all set to go get hi, have a big announcement of his return and go for one more run at the Super Bowl. Problem is, just days before it was to happen Brett called again and said he once again did not have the desire to play this year.

He has asked to be released from his contract so he can negotiate his own deal with any team! Why would Green Bay risk him making a deal with a division team, or a team in the NFC that they may meet in a playoff game?

The facts are that the Packers really hold all of the cards. I expect them to eventually say ok Brett come on in to camp and compete for the starters job, he will hen have to decide if he wants to play in Green Bay or stay retired. I really don’t think he is worth a lot on the trade market. He has a huge salary that a team would have to absorb, then not knowing how long he is actually going to play, one year two years three years, they are not going to give up high draft picks for a one or two year QB. I believe that is why Brett wants to be released because he knows under contract with the Packers he has a very small chance of playing anywhere this year except GB.

This is a sad ending to a wonderful career in the NFL and in Green Bay. It has caused division among fans, will only cause problems within the team if he returns and is a no win situation for everyone.

Not the way I am sure he wanted it to end.


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