The Man Of Change

Since his campaign has begun, he has been on a pedestal by many in this country. He gave terrific speeches, has a smile that could melt a young girls heart and has the look of confidence that we want to see in our president.

So what is wrong? Why are so many people confused as to who he really is? We know his voting record has been one of the most liberal in recent years. We have heard that the troops will be home in 16 months, which played well with the antiwar crowd. He is obviously a man of faith which did not seem to rattle his liberal base, and stood up to racist remarks and hateful remarks that flowed from the church that he was attended, showing that he will not tolerate bigotry in any form.

But yet now we have seen another side of Barack, a side that has moved from his popular stand of progressive ideals and believes to a move to the center and even the right. In the past couple of weeks he has shown a side that has surprised many on the left and has brought into question where he stands from the right.

He has criticized the Supreme Court for striking down a state law that called for execution of child rapists, a stand that goes against the very fabric of the progressive left. He stated his support for the high court’s reversal of the District of Columbia ban on hand guns, something just a couple of years ago he strongly supported. He has promised more federal dollars to what Bush calls “faith-based” programs run by churches and other religious groups, another issue that the left feels should not have any type of government support, the mantra of the left. He recently stated he  will re-examine his policy on the Iraq war, which has been a core issue in his campaign, and the driving force to his success the antiwar people.He recently hit another nerve for the left, abortion, this is a issue that progressives feel is a no holds bar, they can be done for any reason at anytime. Obama has said “mental distress” should not count as a health exception that would permit a late-term abortion.

So here we are only a few months away from the election and America is still waiting for Obama to define himself, will he be the poster boy for progressives, pushing the country more and more to the left and away from the values that have made us strong, or will he continue to try and court the right by evoking his faith into his politics?


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