My Fourth of July

Recently I was told, your attitude toward America and its future have changed 180 degrees since I started posting on here. You used to be the flag waver and fife blower and “America, right or wrong” guy. What changed your outlook? Reality?

I still am a flag waver, I still say America First and rest of the world does not matter, I still love John Wayne movies and love when he kicks the enemy’s ass at Normandy or Midway Island.

Fourth of July 2008What I am talking about when I talk failure, is a political process that has basically come to a halt. The two parties who control this country do not care about you and I. They do not care what is happening to homeowners, or people who need to decide what bill gets paid so they can put gas in their car so the can go to work to hopefully cover some of their increasing expenses at the grocery store, the gas pump and the everywhere else. They really don’t care to find an alternative fuel because it is not in the best interest of the two parties.

I see America as the country of greatness. I see the people as the ones who actually make the country work, not the politicians, we are still the true backbone of this country. I see a country that given a chance could once again dominate, but as long as we have two parties controlling what will or will not happen this country will never have the shine in the world it once had. This can only be done by the people, they have got to say we want more than what is being forced upon us. I am tired of professional lifetime politicians, I am tired of millionaires in congress telling us about suffering, when they have never experienced what the middle class in this country is going through. I am tired of politicians giving us lip service, but then do nothing when the elections are over. I want CHANGE, but that change will not come from Obama or the democrats. It will not happen with McCain or the republicans, it is only going to change when we the people say enough is enough.

I want term limits, I don’t want any more Kennedy’s there for 40+ years, I don’t want anymore Doles representing me for 40 + years. I want people there who are not beholding to lobbyist and special interest. I want people who do what was suppose to happen represent the people and then go back to your job, your farm, your home. I want to restrict how much money can be wasted on elections. Look what has been spent in the last year and a half, just that money alone could have covered the under insured in this country.

I want America returned to the people, I am tired of not being heard.

I still fly my flag every day. I still stand with my hand over me heart at the national anthem, I still believe in the red, white and blue, I have lost faith in our political system.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July and GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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