What Is His Expereince?

Once again Barack showed why he is NOT about change but just more of the same we have had for years.

On Sunday one of his “supporters” (i.e. he is also on the short list of vp’s)Wesley Clark decided to rip into John McCains military record questioning the man and his record.

On Monday Obama holds a “rally” in Independence MO. to talk about Patriotism.

Anyone here think these two events were NOT connected?

Anyway today Wesley Clark continued to insert foot, I saw him on GMA this morning trying to spin the MaCain attack.

Today he said, “My point is there’s a difference in comparing yourself for the highest office of the land depending on which levels you’ve served at in the armed forces. But the service as president is about judgment, and the experience he had as a fighter pilot isn’t the same as having been in the highest levels of the military and having to work with the president and other heads of the state and make those kinds of life or death decisions about national strategic issues.

Ok, so if that is what it takes to be president, where is Obamas experience? If serving in the military is not enough to be president, then not serving should completely disqualify you, is that what Wesley Clark is saying?


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  1. I respect you, but you’re wrong on this one.
    Obama had this speech planned for a while. Clark is not a surrogate, paid or otherwise, for Obama. Only cable-news pundits have Clark on Obama’s “short list”. Clark was invited on the show by CBS, and as a former Hillary surrogate, he answered questions honestly.
    All he said was that being a war hero in and of itself doesn’t automatically make you qualified to be President. McCain is a war hero, but – in Clark’s view – he’s wrong on the issues.

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