More Than The Second Amendment

The recent ruling by the Supreme Court was more than just a statement on gun owner rights, but also a statement that a few progressives are not going to be allowed to destroy America.

Of all of the blunders of GW administration the past eight years, including refusing to protect the borders of this country, the misjudgment of the war in Iraq, his appointment of Supreme Court justices who put the interest of America first, instead of ideology, is something that all of America can be proud of. The Second Amendment has been under attack for a long time by people who use the Constitution as if it was written for just a select few, instead of all citizens.

With Mr McCain soon to become our next president, and a couple of the far left judges soon to retire, hopefully real soon, the court will become a strong conservative court that will defend America and her people from the tyrants of the extreme left, whose goal is to bring America to her kness in a godless secular society.


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