America Needs To Wake Up

People really need to get pass the obsession with Obama and see what he really is, a typical politician, a liar.

In his current ad on tv he says that he “extended healthcare for wounded troops that had been neglected” and cited Public Law 110-181 as proof of this.

As it has been noted on a number of blogs, Obama didn’t show up to vote. Actually 9 senators voted the bill down or did not show up to vote. The bill passed the senate 91 to 3.

People better wake up soon as to what this man really is or the country is sunk.

UPDATE: I have had a couple of “progressive” bloggers go after me accusing me of plagiarism. This is what conservatives can expect over the next few months, progressives will attack the messenger when the message points out the the type of candidate Obama actually is and how dangerous he will be for America.


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