Every four years we elect a president in this country and every four years you can count on the kooks who populate Hollywood California to open their pieholes and start making comments that they will never follow up through with.

Once again they are going to leave the country if their golden boy does not get elected.

Lets see who is the latest big mouth who is packing their bags!

SUSAN SARANDON says if John McCain gets elected, she will move to Italy or Canada.

NO YOU WON’T! Why do I say that……well a little flashback to 2000…..

Robert Altman announced his intention to move to France should Bush defeat Al Gore. Not too long after that Alec Baldwin said he would be doing the same thing, leavung the country, that felt bad for him when he called his daughter a rude thoughtless little pig. (bet she wishes daddy would have left) There were other mental giants back then that suggested the same thing.

Sadly none of these windbags followed through with their promises and we are still stuck with them.

Does anyone believe Susan will leave? Of course not she is just a typical liberal who says one thing but always wends up doing the opposite of what they say.


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