Hard To Believe

Kirk Coleman, of Jackson County MI is accused of raping and beating his three-month old daughter, pleaded guilty to attempted child abuse. What he should have received was life in prison if he would have been found guilty of the original charges, but instead he faces a maximum of 5 years for attempted child abuse.

He had been charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct and first degree child abuse. Those charges were dismissed in the plea agreement.

Jackson County Prosecutor’s office says that their primary goal was to make sure that Coleman would never again gain custody of his daughter, and this plea accomplishes that. Since he did not plead guilty to criminal sexual conduct he will not be required to register as a sex offender.

Excuse me but would not a life sentence have kept him away from this little girl?

In September of last year, Coleman was accused of the beating and sexual assault of his three-month old daughter, Coleman beat the baby for two days. The girl had to be placed on life support at University of Michigan hospital, and had multiple bone fractures. Jackson County Prosecutor’s office says that the girl will never fully recover from her injuries.

The Assistant Prosecutor Allison Bates is the one who made the deal. Bates felt that medical experts for the defense and prosecution could cast reasonable doubt that Coleman was the sole perpetrator. Bates said her office and Blackman Township detectives are sure Coleman acted alone, but not all of their evidence can be offered in court.

THAT IS A DISGRACE! What the hell is wrong with the DA? This guy should have gotten a life sentence, but once again the abuse of children is not taken seriously in this country.

Want to express your disgust with this decision?

His name is Henry C Zavislak
phone number (517) 788-4283
email address:
To Prosecutors office
Henry C Zavislak


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  1. This is one of the sickest things i have ever heard!!! a 3 month old being RAPED and BEATEN and that sick f*ck only gets 5 years and isnt required to register as a sex offender? what the hell were these people smokin?

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