It’s Hard To Believe

Once again the fanatics in the Republican party are making asses out of themselves and embarrassing the conservative base of the party. What are they doing this time? Having a meltdown over a Dunking Donut ad.

So here is the ad, do you see what they are upset about? NO? Let me help you, it’s the scarf! That’s right, the scarf!

Michelle Malkin who has some of the most hysterical rants out there really made herself look foolish with this one. She pointed out that Ms. Ray posed for one of the company’s ads in what appeared to be a black-and-white keffiyeh. The keffiyeh, is the traditional scarf of Arab men.

So in her eyes everytime she sees a black and white scraf she sees a terrorist! GIVE ME A BREAK!

Once again the stupidity that seems to be the trademark of some on the right dominates with a issue that mattes to no one but people with a limited attention span.

Conservatives have a lot to worry about this year, there is a good chance they they are going to lose the White House as well as even more seats in the house and senate, but what are some focusd on A DOUGHNUT AD!

God help us all!


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