Keith Overblown

Last Night ol’ Keith had another of his “Special Comments”. Once again he ranted, raved, got red in the face and did his best impression of a teapot ready to explode!

You have to marvel at a entertainment network like MSNBC to keep this windbag around? One day he is telling the President of this country to ‘shut the hell up’! spends another day telling a US Senator she does not have the capacity to be president just because the far left slightly disturbed progressive has a attraction of an odd kind to the other candidate of the party.

Keith baby relax, otherwise you mat become the first failed tv anchor to actually burst a blood vessel live on the air.

I know MSNBC is desperate for attention and NBC is in need of a “star” for the news division, but to tie your harness to this boob is nothing more than desperation.


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