Your Vote Does Not Count

Once again the people of America are being told that their right to vote does not count. Eight years ago the people of California expressed that marriage was between a man and a women. 4,600,000 people voted to approve that. Now eight years later four activist judges have decided that those 4.6 million people did not have the right to express their opinion and have decided they will decide how people choose to live their lives.

This is becoming a trend in this country, when people with an agenda are unable to convince the majority to go allow with what they want, they head to the courts to force people to accept their ideals, concepts or life choices, even if the majority of he people feel strongly against it.

This country is no longer a country of the people, for the people, but a country where a few will be dictating how the rest of us will live our lives.

Back in the 1939 Adolph Hitler used the courts to rise to power and control the people, 70 years later we once again see the courts being used by a few to control the majority.

While the left will  scream this is about equality , people need to understand, the truth. This is about your rights as Americans to be heard, that they are being over ruled by judges and groups with personal agendas.


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