Monday Morning Coffee

I have not yet finished my first cup of coffee this morning, but I just need to vent a little. What is the focus on flag pins? I was surfing the blog world this morning and I saw one posting that Obama now has a ‘new’ flag pin! WHO CARES!

Flag PinWhat does a flag pin mean? If you wear one you support America? You love America? You like to look important? Why are some people so focused on who is and who is not wearing a flag pin? Does it mean if you don’t wear it you have some kind of dislike for this country. Well I guess in the mind of a few ultra right wing fanatics it does. All I can say is get a grip gang, you sound pathetic over such a trivial item and look even sillier when you rant and rave about it.

There are serious issues this election cycle, whether someone is wearing a flag pin is not one of them.


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  1. We agree. I mean we actually agree.

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