What Does She Think

There are many kooks on the left writing blogs these days, most of them filled with hate and venom for anyone who does not believe in their disturb way of thinking.

One of the most annoying sites is run by foreign born Arianna Huffington. Reading her site you will find half baked truths, out right lies and typical progressive gibberish.

Recently she was on a comedy show that many progressives treat as an actual news source. For some odd reason she spent her five minutes on the show ranting against McCain when she was actually there to promote her book. One of her complaints on John is that he has become a ultra-right wing conservative over night! She is angry that he went from the guy who touted change in 2000 to a man who now has had his brain replaced with George Bush’s.

What’s that old saying, people in glass houses…….when she first moved to America she was a liberal/left-wing/Democrat. Then in the mid 80’s she latched onto a conservative sugar daddy and was thrilled to be aligned with conservatisim. In 1997 she dumped him and was able to suck a large settlement out of him, to now make her a “lady” of wealth. Her first blog was a site against Bill Clinton and conservatives loved her, but eventually as a true progerssive she once again changed her stand in life and wondered back to the dark side.

The amazing part of her appearance on the Colbert show was her accusation that John McCain is no longer an American hero because in her opinion he is now an ultra right winger. She made some asinine joke about his days in captivity and even the audience gasped at the stupidity of it.

Two quick points here Arianna:

    John McCain is far from the far right link that you and others are trying top portray him as. That is what makes him such a great candidate for conservatives and why the far right talk show host are so much against him.
    At least Mr McCain, who in you mind is no longer a hero, is an AMERICAN.

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