No Surprise

This past weekend we had the “Running of the Roses” also known as the Kentucky Derby. This years winner Big Brown ran a great race and looks like a good shot to be the first triple crown winner in almost 20 years. The Preakness on May 17 is the next race.

Sadly there was tragedy this year, when second place finisher, Eight Bells a 3-year-old filly shattered both of her front legs after the race had ended. While most people are sadden by the loss of a beautiful horse we have another group who find it as a way to promote themselves and exploit this tragedy.

The demented group PETA has used this event to push their name back into the news. They are screaming to suspend the jockey and trainer, to bar the owner from racing at the track, and to eventually bring the end to horse racing.

How said that these people will use one event to promote their agenda. If they really had a concern where were they before this?

Catastrophic injuries are more common than you think. A track in northern California, Bay Meadows, reported 12 horses were euthanized after sustaining injuries while racing on its dirt track just this year. Another six died because of practice-related accidents and seven more incurred fatal injuries on the turf track.

No big news conference, no demand to go after the jockies, trainers or owners. Not a peep out of them. Why not high profile enough for them I guess, they would not get the attention they so sorely thrive on.


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