Watch The Meltdown

If you think the progressive leftwing blogs had a problem with Hillary before, this is going to be a fun couple of days.

It has been announced that Senator Hillary Clinton is going to appear for the first time ever on FOX NEWS’ ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ Wednesday night.

Talk about cannon fodder for the leftwing spinsters like the KOS KIDDIES and the dummy underground people! They hate FOX NEWS, they become wild eyed monsters at the mention of O’Reilly and they don’t care for Hillary because she does not bow and kiss their asses like Obama and others have.

The next few days is going to be entertaining! Mrs. Clinton going to FOX shows two things, she understands that you cannot just depend of MSNBC and other small time liberal news sources to get your message out, and she has the fortitude to tell these small time thugs like Soros, KOS and other hate
purveyors, they really are not important.


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  1. Interesting…. I’m so tired of all the major news outlets – biased lopsided reporting. Yet, Hillary could pull her pants down and shit in the middle of Faux News lobby and it would be more acceptable than Senator Obama sitting in their lobby merely thinking of the word shit.

    It would have a totally different outcome and spin.

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