Baseball and Patriotism

32 years ago he was a hero, would this be the case today. Looking back when you had patriotism and it was not a bad thing.


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  1. That was a nice vid you pulled out of your hat. You ask would he still be considered a hero now?

    No disrespect but it’s a flag a thing an object – yes it should have great meaning behind it – Love for your Country – And each citizen that is a part of it -BUT?

    If the only love a person has for his country is to say ‘I love the flag, It hails on their front porch, antenna of their car etc – then if that’s it – you don’t love it.

    For Example a Married Man/or Woman (I’m not sexist) wears their wedding ring everyday – don’t even take it off to bathe – luv their wedding band – its so Symbolic – in it’s meaning –

    Yet, on a regular are having affairs one nighters and quickies w/somebody(s) else other than their spouses – the ring maybe symbolic but what about your actions???

    This is exactly how Americans today are acting about the Flag.
    Hailing the red white and blue – Salute Salute Salute!

    But, what do they really do for their country or the citizens of it?
    Nothing everybody is having Selfish affairs with themselves.

    (that was a nice video though, have a flawless day)

  2. It’s sad that as a baseball fan I’d never heard of this, but I have now and I really appreciate your posting it.

    He’s a real hero (even if he is a Cubbie).


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