HumpDay Roundtable

A couple of weeks ago Catholic basher Bill Maher made one of his ignorant comments on his cable show he is so well known for. After getting is hands slapped by HBO he said he would apologize. Did anyone see it, me neither. All we got from the windbag was the typical progressive song and dance. Say a lot of words but say nothing in the process.

Then we have the two liberals still battling for their parties nomination. This is a great moment in history as two socialist are splitting the party of unity. Last night Hillary soundly beat Mr Obama in Pennsylvania, and this upset many of the far left sites, like Democratic Underground, and moveon who feel they are the ones who are controlling the election process and neother of them want Hillary.

One of the best response I have seen from the loony left was post by one of the kos kiddies.

What the f**k is wrong with you morons? by demokerryat

I mean seriously. Who the F**K is voting for Hilary at this point? Are you too stupid to breathe? At this point there are only 2 possible reasons for voting for Hillary:

1. I am a total f-ing moron and I somehow think Hillary can win without completely destroying the Democratic party

2. I am a republican

Thats it. No other serious possibilities

With six months to go before the November elections the old school Democrats still has plenty of time to keep their party from falling into the hands of far left extremist.


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