Good Choices

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is actively courting the Vice Presidential nomination. She has the experience that Hillary or Obama can only dream about, she has meet with world leaders, dealt with problems in some of the toughest spots around the world She would be ready to perform her job as VP from day one, something, the presidential candidates on the left would not be.

Mitt Romney would also be an excellent choice as a running mate with Mr McCain he has shown through strong leadership in Massachusetts he has the experience and ability for the job.

Either one gives John McCain and conservatives, a slam dunk in November.


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  1. Recall that Rice was the one who under Congressional questioning after 9/11 said that it was “too vague” to foresee any imminent terrorist danger from a PDB which was titled much as the national newspaper headlines on 9/12. The PDB had directly predicted the high probability that al Qaeda would soon highjack airliners and attack the U.S. Even authors such as Tom Clancy had written about this in a Jack Ryan book several years before.

    Yeah Rice is the ticket!!

  2. My alcoholic sister-in-law has a lot of experience in the workplace bouncing around from job to job. Of course it’s all pretty bad and certainly doesn’t qualify her for bigger and better things. The same could be said for Cond.

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