They Want Change

One of the very popular buzzwords from progressives is change! The keep talking about change in America, that without Obama change will never happen. What exactly do they expect to change with Obama?

Sadly, if anyone thinks one man is going to go into Washington and make major changes, they are fooling themselves. With congress controlled by special interest groups, on the right big business and the left special interest groups who dearly want to create a cradle to the grave nanny state with my paycheck.

America will never be able to move forward, unless we stop pandering to them. But that is something progressives will never surrender, taxation of the working class paycheck to keep a subclass dependent voter base and nor will the conservatives relinquish the special treatment to major corporations, as more and more American jobs are moved outside this country, hurting the American worker but keeping your congressman’s campaign war chest well stocked with cash .

If the Democrats really want change they need to start with the Congress, to many of the people elected there have made it a life long calling and no longer care about what is happening in their district as to what is happening to their personal bank accounts.

Change is good but change with an inexperience leader that really does not bring the change that is needed in America.


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  1. Congress is filled with lifetime politicians, and I think that’s part of the problem. We need term-limits. And, we need Barack Obama.

  2. As long as corporations are “people” they will have free speech and the ability to pervert the election process. Term limits will do nothing except make it easier to get rid of the few good people there are in congress.

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