“How many rich Republicans bury dead soldiers?”

This is what makes me vomit when I read leftwing extremist blogs, ignorant statements like this, “How many rich Republicans bury dead soldiers?”

Why not ask how many rich Democrats were buried? Or ask how many rich black sons have been buried? Why do extremist have such a narrow and bigoted view of the world and think that only Republicans get special treatment?

Do you have any idea on any of the facts? Do you even know that 98% of the 4000 who have died have been male and of them 75% White? How does your kind read between the lines there to fit your agenda?

The lose of life, rich or poor, white, red, yellow or black, is a horrible loss, but for some reason the far left extremist do not see that issue, they just need to play political pandering and continue to use this issue to try and divide, causing discourse in America by continuing the phony class war they have created in this country alive. Their concern is not the troops or the loss of life but what political agenda they can draw from the tragedy of the deaths of these AMERICANS.


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