Not A Liberal?

Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign keeps promising CHANGE. He maked a promise that he can transcend the starkly red-and-blue politics of the last 15 years, end the partisan and ideological wars, and build a new governing majority.

But this promise leads to a question: Can such a majority be built and led by Obama, whose voting record is one of the most liberal in the Senate last year?

He said he was a progressive and a pragmatist, eager to tackle the issues like health care.

Obama does not have a reputation as one of the accommodating bridge-builders in the Senate. His voting record is to the left; the National Journal declared it the most liberal of 2007. Congressional Quarterly said he voted with his party 97 percent of the time on party-line votes that year.

Obama has been endorsed by extremist groups like that are curse to Republicans on Capitol Hill. And some of his strongest supporters are activists at the “net-roots” who have clamored for less accommodation across party lines.

For people to think that he would bring America together is just naive. His values and agenda are far left, the are east coast and west coast values but not what middle America has for values. He would need to disengage from people like George Soros. the Democratic Underground the KOSkiddies and MOVEON before middle America and conservatives would begin to believe and trust him.

It’s not going to happen, he is a LIBERAL through and through.


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