Education or Immigration?

Today I saw where Bill Gates was complaining about the immigration laws of this country and how it is causing jobs to be outsourced.

Maybe what we should be looking at is not the immigration as the problem but that possible the schools are failing here in the United States. For example an honor student in Connecticut was suspended, removed as class VP and banned from attending an honors student dinner, all because he bought a bag of skittles!

HOW OUTRAGEOUS! Maybe instead of supporting such silly events that have no place in the school like “Day of Silence” they should be encouraging students to participate in math and science events.

But I guess that would require actually teaching and not just indoctrinating. That is what so many public schools have become, education has become secondary while political correctness is the rage. What has greater importance in todays school agenda, watching Al Gores Inconvenient Truth or teaching molecular structure? Al wins hands down.

So Bill instead of whining about immigration why not start holding schools accountable for their failure to teach.


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