Is It Race?

Over the weekend I was accused of being against Obama because of his race!

What does race have to do with this? Oh yeah thats right you are a “progressive”, so you have a need to make everything about race. Division is what the progressive lifestyle is all about.

But to address the race baiting comments, I actually at first liked Senator Obama and was  looking at him as a serious candidate. But when he started to give legitimacy to people like Kim, Chavez and other deranged dictators by saying he would dialog with them, that worried me. Then he came out with his socialized health care and support of unions and it became clear he was not a man I could support, not because of color like progressives want to make it out to be, but because of ideals.

This country would make such great strides forward if progressives stop playing victims all of the time and started being AMERICANS.


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  1. I could care less about the race debate or Obama, Clinton or whoever. The thing I want to address with you is what does dialogging with the leader of another country have to do with legitimizing them? They are seen as legitimate by their own country and if they are going to be a source of trouble for the U.S. then we need to at least “try” diplomacy. We can’t go into every country with a ruler we don’t like with guns blazing.

    I mean what would you have us do, ignore them? Because trust me that is what we have done for the last 7 years or so and it hasn’t gotten us anywhere, now has it? We need to find a way to deal with these people, and dealing with them means to actually talk with them.


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