My Vote Next Tuesday

While a few try to make this some kind of “historical” election in 2008, people who do not need drama in their lives to live,  see it for what it is, an election for the next four years as to what path America follows.

The choices are a conservative liberal with a strong understanding for defense. A strong liberal who understands the importance of defense but also believes in a government nanny state or a socialist whose lack of experience and desire for a government controlled nanny state will lead to a disaster like America has never seen before.

This is far from historical but it is important to Americas future.

So next week I will vote for Hillary as many conservatives will. Our candidate is set and if for some reason he does not win in Nov., we understand at least with Hillary, America stands a chance of surviving the four more years of liberal management.


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  1. voting for clinton to sabbotage the process is weak and cowardly.

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