The Poormans Rush

Conservative talk radio has become lately, well to put it simply, unbearable. Mostly whining and crying by the host about John McCain, the lack of conservative candidates for the far right, on and on and on. Maybe instead of bashing the choice, they should look at the reality that the extreme right wings views may not be what real conservatisim is about, but that is another issue.

Locally we have a local talk show on WTAQ, the host is Jerry Bader. His stick is a copy of everything Rush does, bit for bit, cliche for cliche. There are tmies the show is interesting, especially when he is not holding his phony conversations with the call screener and then there are days like today where ignorance reigns.

I happen to be listening when the brilliant topic of is Chesley Clinton a dog? For 15 minutes you had all of the local knuckledraggers calling in and rating her looks, how else can you describe people who would find the topic funny or interesting. Talk about relevant radio!

I understand that it is important to have topics that will generate phone calls. I understand that it is important to have topics that will encourage participation, but to slink to a juvenile and childish topic like that, well I guess that is the quality one can expect from local conservative talk radio and it also shows what type of audience that the host believes he is pandering to.


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