Super(?) Tuesday

Well the big day is over and it looks like America has a lot of dark days ahead. While Obama continues to hang in there Hillary is still pulling the big states with the delegates. There is a still an outside chance that Obama will recover but it will take a lot of work on his part.

John McCain was invigorated with the wins last night, actually now declaring himself the front runner. I am not as negative on John as some conservatives are coming across, however, I am highly disturbed by a recent addition to his campaign. Dr. Juan Hernandez. He’s a dual citizen of the US and Mexico, was a member of Vicente Fox’s government, and is as open borders as you can get. McCain says he understands that the American people want the borders protected, but yet he does something like that.

The fear America is feeling for 2009 and beyond is depressing. The choice of a progressive conservative like McCain or a socialist like Clinton as our only choices for leadership, speaks disaster for the American family and the middle class taxpayers for four years. Its a shame that American politics has been destroyed by the corrupt two party system of BIG MONEY and SPECIAL INTEREST.


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