Talk Radio Meltdown

Conservative radio has become almost as difficult to listen to these days as DEADair America has always been. All of the “conservative” talk shows are having a meltdown about John McCain now leading in the polls.

Hey, get over yourself, all of you! So you don’t like McCain! Your whining and sniveling is getting old! Your driving people to him just out of the sympathy factor. It’s fine that you have an opinion of dislike, but don’t think that all conservatives find your opinons the final word. GROW UP! SHUT UP! You sit there and have silly nicknames for the man, you point out how awful a couple of his bills were, according to you anyway, you belittle and make his sound like he would be the worse president ever. You rant and rave how you may sit out the election, babble how you won’t vote for him even if he gets the nomination! Hey why don’t you threaten to hold your breath until he quits the race, thats about the same childish logic.

Go ahead keep attacking and making him look bad. When Jan 09 rolls around and the Bill and Hillary side show returns to the White House, just remember who played a major part in the failure to get a CONSERVATIVE, no matter how slim of a Conservative he may have been, there instead.

Oh and one more quick thought here, Ann Coulter SHUT UP! You are the most annoying, embarrassing and pointless person I have tries to listen to. You portray yourself as this all knowing conservative women, when in reality all you are is a big mouth skinny conservative version Randi “the Bully” Rhodes. How people find you interesting and informative is beyond me.


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