Keith Overblown

One thing you are guaranteed when you try and watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann is a nightly rant where his face contorts and his eyes bulge and you know his venom will be directed any anyone who dislikes is progressive socialist agenda.

Last nights show was especially nauseating because if his final segment, “Special Comment,” These are normally his best of the best in his hate rants. Last night was not only full of hate but this time added a little special touch. Watch closely as he nears the rant all of the sudden a stream of slime appears on his lip, it dangles, it stretches, it adds to his demented look of hysteria perfectly.

But what makes this piece of venom even more special is that he said at one time durning his metldown, Now it begins to look like the bureaucrats of the Third Reich trying to protect the Krupp family industrial giants by literally rewriting the laws of Germany for their benefit. And we know how that turned out. Alfred Krupp and 11 of his directors were convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg.

What makes this comment so special is that apparantly he does nto listen to his own rants. For if he did, he would have heeded his own advice from June 22 2005, The message is this: Boys, just don’t say “Nazi” ever again in your life.

There’s no place for the reference in this culture. Not about the Republican tactics, not about the Democratic tactics, not about Guantanamo Bay.

The Republicans are not the SS, and the Democrats are not the Gestapo, and Gitmo is not Buchenwald.

Apologize profoundly and profusely, burst into tears if you will, but the analogies are wrong, offensive, and deeply hurtful. And I speak as a European of protestant descent.

So once again the most out-of-touch-with-reality progressive whose hate for every conservative value proves that he is soeaks just to pander to a small base of followers who have no interest in truth or facts, his whole goal is to inflame and stir hate among this base.

MSNBC, it’s time to wake up as to the light this hatemonger has put you in.


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  1. Why has no one stood up to this America hating Olbermann so far? Al Qaeda has a friend in Keith! I want someone to stand up and call this guy for what he is-a true REPUBLICAN HATER!!
    How can MSNBC actually use this jackass as a political analyst?? What are you kidding me! If a Democrat wins the election in 08- Keith will be out of a job because he won’t be able to bash Republicans anymore!

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