And They Complain About FOX

One of the main targets of the progressives is FOX NEWS. For some reason they are threatened by them. They have blogs, they have websites, they have people who sit and watch the network just so they can tell everyone how awful it really is. You have to wonder what it is that scares them so much. Only thing I can come up with they fear views different from theirs.

While to them FOX may be the most dangerous network out there, I would to the point to the most painful network to watch. MSNBC! At one time this was actually a tolerable network, they had IMUS in the morning, a good newscast most of the day that had some very good anchors. Then the 6:00 hour would come along and well thats where it went wrong. They played and tinkered with the nightly lineup for months, then one day they put up a washed up sports reporter on the air and they found their nitch in the market. Thanks to the red faced rants of Keith Olbermann they found out that they appeal to a small enough segment of the tv viewers to actually show a little life at night.

Every night Keith goes off on his two favorite targets, President Bush and Bill O’Reilly. They are hysterical diatribes usual full of spit and vinegar with little substance but the type of balderdash that progressives like to hear. With this success they decide to put Keith on the Sunday Night football games as a commentator, and now that the elections are here this great orator of the left has not only gone from a opinion show host to a neutral news reporter, what an amazing tranformation.

Now of course no one at MSNBC, NBC or anywhere else in the “neutral” world of todays media sees this as a problem, but can someone explain how a guy whose only reason for success is because he will bash anything that is not part of the liberal progressive agenda, how can you honestly claim he is actually a bias reporter? Can anyone please explain how a man, who has publicly stated his HATE for the President, really be fair in any kind of analysis position. Seeing him and Chris Matthews last night doing the SOTU on MSNBC was hysterical. It’s nice to see a network that proudly acknowledges that it has a bias, that it is comfortable to be the mouthpiece for progressives.

There is no shame in it, but may I suggest stop being so hypocritical by pretending you are anything but a progressive network.


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