It’s Amazing

It is really not surprising that race has become an issue in this election. What is surprising that is become such a promient issue in the party of “diversity.”

The Clinton’s have come out hard, making sure that everyone understands that Obama is a black man. Ted (one more for the road) Kennedy, is going to endorse Obama because he is upset that they have made an issue of his race. Now Toni Morrison has come out in support of Obama, so much for her first black president.

One has to wonder what has happened to the party of diversity, or is the true colors of he democrats really come out? In the past elections you ofetn hsaw them pointing fingers at the Republicans because their candidates were almost always white. But, now that that they actually have a serious candidate of their own, is the old boy white network of the party seeing their control slipping away? Were they really the party of diversity as long as the minorites played the token role of leadership that was given to them by the white leadership?

The backlash against the Clinton’s has been loud and clear, it will be interesting to see if they stop using race as their center point to go after Obama or will they continue to show what the party of diversity is really like, a party divide by color.


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