Finally It’s Over

Iowa is now a memory of the past.

Hilliary’s third place finish is very good news for America and conservatism. This ultra socialist is the last mistake America needs. I still don’t see Obama as the candidate for the Dems I really think the party wants the Clintons back in the White House and Edwards, well his campaign  has been done for months now.

Good ol Mike Huckabee has now had his moment of glory and that too will now settle down, as he is not the choice of real conservatives, actually that is still a real problem for conservative America, who will represent us?. Iowa was long, painful a lot of fun for the state as it brought media attention galore, but now we can start the real process of picking a President.


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  1. The thing that Republicans face with Obama’s win is that he pulled in a heavy amount of new voters into the system. Obama has a magical celebrity image that will be tough for a hardline conservative to beat. If he continues to pull in new voters, and if you look at where he scored the best in Iowa it was in their major college central regions and the union heavy eastern sections of Iowa. To defeat that type of movement the Republicans will not only have to whip up all their normal voters into a voting frenzy, they will need to bring in some new voters into the fold.

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