The Right And The Left

It’s always amazing to me as to how divided some people want to keep this country. On the right we have the evangelicals who are having a cow regarding Mitt Romney and that he is a Mormon and on the left a certain group are defending NBC’s decision to not show a ad because the group is controversial in their opinion.

I find the far right evangelicals in this country to be a divisive group and have actually caused more damage to the Conservative party then anyone. Their holier than thou attitude, their prejudice against people and their arrogance are not values that true Conservatives are. Their current attack on Mitt Romney shows how small and petty they really are. His faith should not be an issue in this election.

T hen we have the folks at NBC, this is a network that has turned so far left its amazing. Have you ever caught the show 30 Rock, when it’s not making some kind of statement against the current administration or showing conservatives in a a negative light it is actually funny, but it’s the type of programming that NBC is going more and more towards a progressive agenda.

Their latest move to refuse to run a couple of ads by Freedom’s Watch, a conservative group that supports administration policy in Iraq, that asks viewers to remember and thank U.S. troops during the holiday season goes beyond understanding. because they dislike the the organization that is sponsoring the ad, you would think they would like to send a positive message to the troops, especially when it has no political agenda in the message. But NBC has decided that they are going after the progressive viewers with their programming and they will do anything to pander to these people, even if that means disrespecting the troops.

The Ads


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