The Season Begins

Just days before the official start of the Christmas season the other season has begun, neutering of the Christmas season. While many give it the label, “The War on Christmas”, I won’t take it that far, I don’t fear the loss of the most celebrated day religious day in this country, as the majority of this country is Christian.

Personally I don’t care if the local village square has a display or not, I could care less a city hall wanted to display a Star of David instead of a manger scene, that is not what is important. But yet we have some who think it is.

We have the Freedom from Religion kooks in Madison whining already about a proposed display in Menominee Mi, even though it is being paid for by private donations. They use the old “separation of church and state”, it’s too bad that they were obviously taught in the liberal Madison school district, since there is no such cause in the Constitution.

But one of the more bizarre is it the secular progressive town of Fort Collins Co. they have formed a “task force” to decide what is acceptable for the “holidays” in Fort Collins. One of their most recent decisions are about lights. They have recommended banning red and green lights at the Christmas holiday because they fall among the items that are too religious. They also decided the Christmas tree is offensive and have recomended that some type of other geenry be displayed.

This has gotten to the point of ludicrous.

The reason schools have the “winter” break is because of the celebration of the birth of Christ. It is the reason that no government business is conducted or why almost every store in America is closed. Let the atheist and secular progressives attempt to destroy this celebration, it will never happen.

What this comes down to is a simple answer , it is up to parents to keep Christ in the season, which is the reason we celebrate on Dec 25.


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