Now The Right

For those who read this blog you know I mostly pick on the liberal progressives, but I think it’s time we look at some of the kooks on the right. So starting today there is going to be a LOON on The RIGHT list just like the Hollyweird side on the left.

Our first two members for KOOKS are Ann Coulter and Michael Savage. Coulter has always been a little touched and her recent comments regarding Jews need to become Christians is just pure ignorance. She said Christians were tolerant of racial diversity but that it “would be a lot easier” for Jews if they were to become Christians.”

This is obviously a women who has no understanding about religion. She has been known to make inflammatory comments before, but she is usually just ignored. But the time has come that people ignore this skinny not very pretty hateful person, we really don’t need people like her causing more problems.

The second person to make the list is Michael Savage, a radio talk show host who has to be the most bitter man in America. Listening to him you here a paranoid man who hates most everyone who does not believe in everything he says. His daily rants against the conservative who he feels ignores him, against the media who he believes is out to get him and the people of different ideas and thought who he believes is going to destroy America are just frightening.

Honorable mention is going to go to Sean Hannity. While he is not an official member yet, his closed minded opinions and his lack of seeing that not everything the President and republican party has done is 100% right on the money is pushing him close to that kook fringe level.

So today we announce KOOKS on The Right.


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