She Does Not Get It

This women just does not get it, she is a criminal, but yet she feels she is above the laws of the country she disrespects.

She has asked the Mexico’s president to appoint her “peace and justice” ambassador so she can return to the United States.

Elvira Arellano, who abandoned her U.S.-born, 8-year-old son, when she was sent back to Mexico on Aug. 19, now wants to be a diplomat?

“What I’m asking for is a diplomatic visa so that I can be an ambassador for peace and justice because I’m not a terrorist and the United States can’t continue treating illegal immigrants as terrorists.”

What she does not understand we are not treating her as a terrorist we are treating her as someone who broke the laws of OUR country. So instead of her acting like she is a victim she needs to take the responsibility that she was illegal, she came to this country illegally and she abandoned her son her in the states.

Instead of pointing fingers at America take a look at yourself and also the failures of your own country to provide for its people.


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