Around The Water Cooler

A few things in the news caught my eye today.

One was the death of Richard Jewell, a real hero at the Atlanta Olympics. He discovered a suspicious knapsack that contained a pipe bomb and he helped evacuate people from the park, saving many more lives. He ended up getting accused by CNN and others that he was responsible, tuned out he was innocent and he ended up suing CNN and other outlets because of their rush to slander this poor guy. What happened to him was the out of control media in this country who think they must be part of the story instead of just reporting the news. The sad part it has become worse with cable news.

Then we have Larry Craig, if what this guy did is true, it’s disturbing. But what is even more disturbing, is that this seems to be an acceptable practice in the gay community. People are outraged at Craig, but where is the outrage of the actions of those who participate in such horrendous actions, putting innocent people at risk to be harassed and possible assaulted?

Finally we have John Edwards, this guy will have a career as a standup comic if he ever decides to get out of politics. Today John was before a group from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers in Florida, and he said that if he was president he would ask Americans to give up their SUV’s to save the planet. What really makes this newsworthy it was reported when he left the event, he was taken away in a SUV! Hey John don’t you think it would be good to lead with actions instead of hollow words on the campaign trail

I do have a suggestion for you, you could help the planet by stopping to campaign! You have NO CHANCE of ever being president. Flying around in private jets, riding in SUVs to events is just causing more damage to the global climate. Show us the light John, lead by example!


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