They Sure Keep Entertaining

You just have to love the candidates for the Democrat party this time around, they sure are entertaining. This past week we had two great laughable moments. One from the ever incompetent John Edwards and the other from Chris Dodd who has no chance of ever becoming President.

Dodd who is all but ignored by the media, went on the Bill O’Reilly show this past week to defend the dailykos, John Boya popular hate site of the progressive liberal. It was obvious that someone in his campaign thought it was a good idea and all it did was make Dodd look more foolish then he normally does. It was obvious that he has never really watched O’Reilly’s show he was using information that was given to him and he also never looked at Daily kos. The man was laughable and looked like a beaten fool by the time the interview was done.

But once again the foot in mouth award goes to Mr Edwards, this time he was whining and crying calling on Democrat candidates to “refuse or refund contributions from FNC parent News Corp. to protest its purchase of The Wall Street Journal.”

I wonder if that will include the $500,000 advance — and $300,000 in expenses — for his 2006 book “Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives,” that News Corp.’s “publishing unit, Harper Collins, paid Edwards

Does this guy ever think before he engages what little brain matter he actually has?


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  1. Notalib – You’ld better watch out! Edwards might send his wife to attack you for belittling the “Breck Girl”.

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