The Boycott

It has been a great summer so far, so blogging has not been a real priority for me. But every once in a while something comes along that will catch my eye, This time it’s the far left extremist hard at it again going after FOX NEWS.

I am always amazed that a cable news network can produce such fear in people that they write books, produce movies and have endless blogs attacking it. The paranoia that these people live with is amazing, for some reason they think FOX NEWS has some kind of special powers. They cry that FOX is not really fair and balanced, that they lean way to conservative, but yet they don’t squawk about networks like CNN or MSNBC that feature far left loons like the one pictured at the right.

So what are the kooks on the left up to this time? A BOYCOTT! Yep groups like the far left hate site dailykos, moveon and some left wing progressive group called Campaign for Americas Future are now singing up people to watch FOX, build a database and then start a campaign of harassing these sponsors until they stop advertising on FOX.

It’s laugahable! While maybe these extremist groups can intimidate the Democrat presidential candidates and keep them from partaking in FOX debates, do they really think sponsors are going to run away from a network that produces an audience for them? Where do they think they will go, MSNBC, with their 200,000 viewers, or maybe they will advertise on the DEADAIR America radio network?

They call themselves progressives, but they are nothing more than thugs, intimidators and little children. Good luck with this idea, just like your progressive talk radio network that no one cared about this too will be one more laughable flop.


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  1. Not Dick but Richard

    Let me get this straight. Because there are some liberals on MSNBC and CNN they are not fair and balanced? I guess fair and balanced to you is all rightwing pundits.

    Put the koolaid down man

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