From The Lazy Susan

This weeks selection from the lazy Susan is a cornucopia of fun!

Right now there is a big push from the left to bring government run health care to the United States. Is there problems with the current system, sure is, cost is one of the biggest. Prescription drugs, the cost to see a doctor, a stay in the hospital can be a huge pain even for those with insurance, but makes it even more difficult for people without insurance and limited income. So do we need to revamp the whole system, of course not, unless you are a Democrat, then the feel it’s the only solution. But I believe all you have to do is look at the current problems with the VA system for medical care, remember Walter Reed from earlier in the year? That should be enough to scare anyone with a wish for government run health care. The Hillary Clinton/Michael Moore health care plan is not in the best interest of America or it’s people.

Speaking of Mike Moore, did anyone see his meltdown on CNN this past week? Here is a guy who makes sure he goes on progressive liberal friendly news shows. He went on Wolf Blitzers show and ol’ Wolf played a clip of a doctor panning Sicko, it was not what Moore was expecting from CNN and he went off on Wolf. CNN Medical expert Sanjay Gupta said “There’s no perfect system anywhere, no matter how much Moore fudged the facts, and he did fudge some facts”.

Mike came on the air and had his typical meltdown when people don’t kiss his ass. “That report was so biased I can’t imagine what pharmaceutical company ad is coming up right after our break here. … I wish CNN and other mainstream media would just for once tell the truth about what is going on in this country.”

While Mike is correct that other developed nations such as France and Canada have universal health care, and he likes to point out that such health care is largely free, he fails to address the fact, that while patients may not pay for services at the doctor’s office, they pay high taxes to fund such a system.

It was a great moment watching him implode.

Once again we have special accommodations being made for Muslims in the public school system in this country and the ACLU has turned their back on it.

Recently we had a University in Michigan used public funding to create foot washes for Muslims so they could wash their feet before they prayed. Well there is now a school in San Diego that has established prayer time for Muslim girls doing school hours. What happens is after lunch, a class room door is shut, the blinds are pulled, an American flag is rolled up and girls in Muslim garb are led (by a teacher’s aide) in prayer to Allah, for an hour.

Wonder how the ACLU would react if a parent requested Holy Water be made available for students who want to pray?


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  1. Muslims (Or what one were called Moslems) get a place to wash their feet before they prayed? Hmmm. What happened to the so-called “Seperation of Church and State”? Or is that just relegated to Christianinty? Where is the ACLU on this?

    Maybe some enterprising student will use them for their original purpose….Unrinals

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