One of The Oddities Of The Left

One of the oddest things that I have seen from the left is their obsession with Fox News and talk radio. They spend countless hours blogging about what they have seen on Fox. They write book after book on how unbalanced Fox news is. They have websites that discuss hourly the stories that is covered. I just don’t understand what point they are trying to make.

Are they upset that a large group of people are not getting their news from far left organizations like NPR? Does it bug them that people have seen through the NY Times bully pulpit and now look else where for news? What are they really afraid of? Don’t they understand that they are preaching to the choir, that the people who watch the network really don’t care and they people they target never watch anyway.

Then we have their leadership crying about talk radio and the fcat that their side does not get equal time. They want to bring the fairness doctrine, they want to be able to “balance” what people are listening to. Here is a little idea, provide the talent that can bring your views ands ideas in way that people want to hear it. Do just put a bunch of screaming lunatics like you had an Air America. People listen to conservative radio because it is a message that hits home in the heartland of America.

For some reason the liberals in this country can’t figure that out and the best they can do is blame a TV network and cionservative talk radio for their own failures.

It’s time they look in the mirror, the problem will be staring them in the face.


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