Why Do We Vote

Looking at today’s political scene one has to wonder, why do we vote? Currently we have politicians in DC who are not listening to the people. America has clearly said they do not want amnesty, but yet the Republicans and Democrats are trying to approve it. The people say we need to secure the borders, but yet the Republicans and Democrats refuse to do it. We have a war on terror, but one side looks upon it as a bumper sticker phrase and the other has lost focus on who we should be fighting. We have one side now trying to get a little revenge for being out of power for a long time, they are nitpicking at issues that only matter to a small base of their people and really does nothing to deal with the problems facing this country.

Today’s Republicans look like Democrats, their spending is out of control, their main goal is to appease certain voter bases, ignoring the people who have elected them. The Democrats are basically being terrorized by far left organizations, groups like Moveon, Democratic Underground and other extremist websites warn Dems that either they get on board with their extreme far left agenda or these groups will work against them. The current elected Democrats are too afraid to stand up to these groups.

We have politicians who have made this their job. How can they represent working America when they themselves have never had to hold a job? We have people who have been in DC for over 40 years, does anyone really believe they represent the American taxpayer? Does anyone really believe that the founding fathers had this as a vision?

Now we have an election coming up for President, and what do we have? Professional millionaire politicians, who are appointed by the their respective parties. The American people are not getting true representation, the special interest groups, big business and the politicians themselves are the ones they represent.

A regular person can no longer run for office. Unless you have party backing your voice will never be heard. The government for the people, of the people and by the people is long gone, all we have left is a small group of people telling us who we can vote for.

Does it really matter any longer if we vote?


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  1. A simple answer to that question: Yes, it matters. And if enough people start giving a damn and speaking out against our lack of choices and going out and voting, maybe more “ordinary” people will speak up and possibly run. I always say if you think it is pointless to vote, then vote for someone who will never win like a Ralph Nader to show your distaste for the process. Anything is better than not voting at all.


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