Immigraton Amnesty Returns

Once again the immigration bill is back in the news. The Democrats are pushing it because it will play well with their voter base and the Republicans are trying to avoid it because they don’t want to look anti immigration in a election year. The amazing part of this whole issue is that the people in DC are not listening to the American people and what they want. They are listening to special interest groups, big business and the one place that should be on the side of the American people, the White House.

The bill that is out there is wrong. It is wrong not to do something about the borders. It is wrong to give them amnesty ahead of those who have been following the laws to legal immigration. That is the real meat and potatoes of this issue.

We have extremist on both sides of the aisle on this issue. The extreme left what to keep the borders open and allow anyone from anywhere to come here and receive the same treatment and benefits as US citizens. Then you have the extreme right who want to round up 12,000,000 and bus them back to wherever they came from. Both sides are out of touch.

Instead of a 800 page bill, a simpler approach is needed.

· Secure the border, if that means a fence, build it. If it requires more border guards hire them, if that mean National Guard for support provide it.
· Require registration and at that time also provide work visas.
· If they don’t register and are caught working, or breaking the law, deportation or jail time, no second chance
· Make business pay hefty fines who hire illegals

That’s it! Problem solved. But the politicians are not listening to the American people, they are afraid to stand up for America. They are worried they are going to offend people who really have no business in this country. They are afraid they are going to upset the Mexican government. They don’t care that the majority of the American people do not approve of an amnesty program, they are bound and determined to do what they believe is in their best interest, not America’s.

It’s sad that the concern for illegal immigrants overrides the protection of the people who voted them in to serve.


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