How Talk Radio Works

On today’s show WTAQ supposedly received a letter from a man who asked that Jerry get taken off the air because of his attack on the bishop of the local Catholic diocese.

Last week Jerry read a article that Bishop Zubik uses Archie Bunker to make a point as to what the Bishop sees as bigotry. Jerry was all upset by this and spent a good deal of time convincing others that they too should be upset.

You know Jerry not everyone who is supporting the issue, which I am one, has an open mind to this. DO you really think that some people are not bigots in this community? DO you think that for some this is not driven by their dislike for the brown skin people? No Jerry I do not believe even you can deny that fact that some people may be bigots.

But back to the letter. Apparently this letter was from a retired doctor, so Jerry when he mentioned the man’s name and that MD was listed after he could net help but add, “I wonder if that stands for mentally deranged“.

So I popped off a email regarding the fact that while he is upset that the Bishop used the term Archie Bunker to describe some of this community, why the double standard where you can so loosely used derogatory comment’s.

Thankfully Jerry was able to clear that up for me, he was only joking! And then he went on his little tangent of people being humorless or taking this to serious. So it’s good to know that now I can insult people as long as I say, it was just a joke and if any one doubts it all they need to do is ask Jerry Bader.

More Discussion can be found at Jerry Bader Forum


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  1. You should listen to the entire show before posting! Jerry said that some supporters of the ordinance are racists, but the majority aren’t.

    You should also try to get a sense of humor!

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