The Oddity Of It All

One of the stranger developments in this early election process for the 2008 White House has been the reaction from the left. It started with Fox News and the Nevada Democrat party joining together to setup a Democrat debate in August. Then John Edwards said he would not attend a debate hosted by FOX NEWS. Right after that the rest of the candidates got orders from the national party that they also could not attend. So that one was cancelled

Then MSNBC held a Republican debate that was run more like a sideshow than a debate. The candidates knew that by going on MSNBC they were going on an network that would not be favorable to them, but none of them ran and hide, they faced Chris Matthews and survived his smarmy questioning.

Then not too long ago the Democrats announced their upcoming “debate” schedule. Again the democrats have decided to play it safe and go on party friendly networks, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC.

They will tell you they won’t use FOX because of their conservative slant. That is there choice, but it makes them look like cowards who are afraid to face real questions instead of softball questions they get from the DNC staged debates and with DNC moderators.

FOX has announced with the Congressional Black Caucus, a democrat debate in November. It will be interesting to see if they turn their back on their huge voter base and refuse to attend. Edwards already has, but that is no surprise, he has proven that he does not have the temperament to be president and his campaign has been over for months now.

But don’t worry Dems, if you need a safe zone for your message, Charlie Rose will be moderating a debate on Labor Day. They could not find a safer moderator to toss out softball than a PBS host.


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