If Their Lips Are Moving……

The Democrat congress has been a flop so far.

They pushed through early on some slam dunk legislation that gave people a feel good opinion of them and to appease some of their voter base, but now they have resorted back to business as usual. They are quickly backing away from what they said they would do if elected. We know they ran on “end the war” pledge and the extremist of the party, the code pinks, moveon, etc backed them. A promise they are not going to be able to provide for the antiwar section of their party. They also said they were going to pass some tough lobbying reforms if elected. Guess what? Many of them now want to keep the big campaign donations and lavish parties that lobbyists put together for them. They’re also having second thoughts about having to wait an extra year before they can become high-paid lobbyists themselves should they retire or be defeated at the polls.

The dems have always been known for not having a backbone or able to stand on principals, and now that they are elected they are proving once again they will say any lie just to get elected. The amazing part is their voter base seem to be too stupid to catch onto their tactics


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  1. It’s not easy to ride a voter whiplash. Ron Paul needs more attention from the media and the public. I consider myself a liberal, but, Ron Paul represented me until I moved out of his district. He is the most sane card in the republican deck. I appreciated him then and more so now. If I thought he could heal the wounds all the radicals of both sides have inflicted, I would still be an Independent.
    We have a wounded country and a wounded world. It will take some common ground to begin serious reconstruction.

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