David Obey

This guy David Obey is the typical hysterical Democrat these days. The do nothing party since they took over DC is crumbeling at the seams. But this dimwit from central Wisconsin just seems to have a special skill to show how divided they are. But at least to his credit he directs his venom at the correct people.

Remember a couple of months ago when he was caught on camera having a meltdown and calling the anitwar kooks wondering the halls in DC “idiot liberals” over the war.

Well Tuesday he pissed off fellow Democrats with delicate ears when he used extremely strong language to attack anti-war Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), during a House Democratic caucus meeting.

“He cursed at him,” said Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.). “I think Mr. Obey was unfairly harsh and disrespectful.”

You just have to love how the dems are so divided. You have the Pelosi and Reed crowd trying to appease the moderate antiwar kooks. Then you have the extremist like Kucinich and his ilk pandering to the far far far left kooks like code pink and Cindy Shehann types.

The meltdown going on in that party is just a hoot!


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