A Better Understanding

This morning I was watching ABC’s Good Morning America, and they were doing a story on the tragedy in Greensburg Kansas. The Governor was on saying that rescue and recovery efforts are going to be hampered because so much of the National Guard equipment is in Iraq.

I was shocked to here someone take a tragedy like this and once again find a way to blame the president, it actually has a name, Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Besides that though I was surprised as to the fact next to the governors name was not the typical (D) or (R) you would see. So knowing little about her I decided to look up and see who she is affiliated with…….and much to my shock and surprise, she is a DEMOCRAT! (Ok, I was not all that surprised)

What was even odder about the whole story is that they went on to mention that “the president said Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., briefed him on the destruction.”

Yes that is correct when they made mention of this they made sure to note Roberts was a republican, but nothing  what so ever that the governor is democrat.

Again tell me how the media does not spin the news.


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