They Got What They Wanted

Yesterday Harry “White Flag” Reid and Queen Nancy Pelosi got exactly what they knew they would get. A ton of press coverage for a bill they knew was a joke and had no chance of being signed. They knew that with it being filled with pork and then having surrender dates the President was not going to sign.

So now today these two will continue the sideshow and hold a vote to override his veto. Once again they know it will have no chance of happening. The reason they are doing this is simple, it has nothing to do with the troops, it has everything to do with the 2008 elections and them playing to the extremist base of the far left. people like the hate mongers at moveon and the kiddies at daily klos. They know that because of extremist hate groups like this a others on the left they won the election in 2006, however, they also know that unless they at least fake that they are trying to end this war these groups could be serious problems in 2008.

So what we have are disengenious leaders of a party whose concern is winning the White House back and they have no problems using the troops for this.

Everyone wants the troops home, but to tell the terrorist when that will happen is simply not the way to do it. We need to make the Iraqi government accountable for what has or has not happened already, and they need to know in no uncertain terms that they will be expected to be responsible sooner than later, but that does not mean we announce the date we are leaving.

Shame on the Democrats for the stunt they just pulled, instead of honestly trying to fund the troops as their main concern.


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  1. oh my god, evolve already and grow a BRAIN.

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