Around The Horn

It has been a week to remember. We sadly lost 32 people to the hands of a madman. Because of this tragedy once again the anti gun people have a revived vigor. They once again believe that by punishing law abiding citizens, will somehow stop these kind of tragedies from happening. Punishing law abiding people for the actions of sick individuals is not the answer here. What has been probably the most annoying event of this whole affair, the self righteous attitude of the European press, they act like their opinion matters one bit in our country.

As we know the Democrats want to end the war and they are determined to do it anyway possible. They have currently held up funding that the troops drastically need, they have attached a bunch of pork to the bill and they know that the President is not going to sign a bill that forces a pullout date. They have decided that they are willing to risk the lives of the troops now to get them home. But now that Harry Reid has stated that “we have lost the war.” Ok Mr. Reid, now that you have declared us the loser, be a man, stop the funding completely and bring the troops home now, because you have given the terrorist exactly what they needed, you have surrendered.

But it has not been all bad news this week. The Supreme Court for the first time has sided on the life of the unborn child. They have ruled that “partial” birth abortion is wrong. Something the majority of people already knew. What is the irony to all of this for 30+ years the Supreme Court have sided with the abortion mills, the first time they suffer a defeat they start to whine about politicians being involved in a women’s right to abort. What is ironic is they had no problem with them interfering when all of the rulings went their way!

And we could not end this ramble with out taking note of our favorite mouthpiece of liberal progressives, Rosie O’Donnell. Apparently thinks since there are five Catholics on the Supreme Court we do not have a separation of church and state in this country any longer. Memo to Rosie there is no mention of this in the Constitution. We all know what is driving you here, your hate of the Catholic Church.

Oh yeah, Sanjaya Malakar is finally off American Idol! No reason to watch any longer.


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